How-To Videos


Most Asked About Features

Keyless Entry & Push Button Start- Keyless Entry with Push Button Start/Stop is called keyless access for a reason. You need to have the key within range of the vehicle, but you don’t need to push on the remote or use the key to unlock, lock, or start and stop your vehicle.

Understand Tire Pressure Warnings- Learn how your Tire Pressure Monitoring System works, and how to reset the benchmark pressure when necessary.

Set the Clock- Adjusting the clock in your Volkswagen is easy using infotainment unit controls.

Android Auto!

Connect Googles Android Auto- Android Auto is a simple way to stay connected and use your phone when you’re behind the wheel, but first, you need to connect to the Volkswagen App Connect system.

Texting with Google Voice- With your Android phone connected and Android Auto active, you can manage your text messages using natural language commands and talk to Google voice control.

Google Maps Integration- With Android Auto, Google Maps functionality can be accessed in your Volkswagen.

Apple Car Play!

Connect Apple Car Play- The Volkswagen App-Connect system helps you stay connected in the car with your compatible iPhone through Apple CarPlay.

Texting with Siri- With your iPhone connected and Apple CarPlay active, you can manage your text messages using natural language commands and Apple’s digital assistant Siri.

Apple Maps Integration- Apple CarPlay navigation allows you to access Apple Map functionality in your Volkswagen.

Bluetooth – Knowing Your Phone

Pair Phone- Once you have paired your phone to your Volkswagen vehicle’s Bluetooth system, you’re able to connect hands-free as you drive.

Voice Recognition System- With a push of a button, Volkswagen vehicles’ voice-recognition system allows you to connect your device using Bluetooth technology and place a call with voice commands.

Reconnect Phone- If your phone doesn’t reconnect automatically after it has been paired, connection can quickly be re-established.

More Advanced Features

Remote Engine Start- Learn how to have your Volkswagen running, ready and heated or cooled to your desired temperature using the Remote Start.

Front Assist System- The Volkswagen Front Assist system with Autonomous Emergency Braking is designed to not only warn you of a potential crash, but will assist by braking to avoid a crash or to lessen the effect of a crash.

Lane Assist System- The Volkswagen Lane Assist system uses a camera mounted in the rearview mirror assembly that can recognize certain lane markings and warn you if you begin to move out of your lane.

Adaptive Cruise Control- Available Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) helps Volkswagen vehicles maintain a preset speed and distance from the car in front of you. When activated, if the car in front of you speeds up or slows down, the sensors can detect the change and your car follows suit.

Memory Seats- This video shows how to assign seating and mirror preferences to one of the three memory buttons.

Cruise Control- Cruise control is a comfort and convenience feature that customers expect to be standard equipment.