Going Green Instead of Getting Mean

August 29th, 2016 by

Going Green

Volkswagen is going full speed ahead with its commitment to greatly increasing its market share of electric vehicles by 2025. Many are saying this is an insurmountable challenge for Volkswagen, but we think it’s okay to aim high to try and reach our goals.

With the emissions settlement being finalized, Volkswagen has decided to contribute $2 billion towards building the infrastructure and support for an electric vehicle line. The technology for electric vehicles has been steadily improving, and will soon become available to consumers across the globe. Some buyers worry about the viability of wholly electric vehicles, because of their known lack of power, range, and high ROI. As technology for electric vehicles continues to improve however, costs are steadily going down and both range and power will increase in models with time.

Volkswagen is looking to become the leader in the electronic vehicle industry, like everyone else. Unlike everyone else however, VW understands how economic wavelengths work, and can create lasting change that will allow themselves to dominate in the emerging electric market.

As part of this shift towards electric vehicles, there are also talks of partnerships with SMA Solar to combine the powerful technology of both companies for groundbreaking innovations. Both Volkswagen and SMA Solar have said it is too early to announce anything official, but if the partnerships works out, it could be huge. SMA creates stationary solar storages, and Volkswagen obviously creates amazingly handsome vehicles. Combining these two powerhouses would create a mega-electric vehicle with extra juice provided by solar power, reducing the need for frequent charging.

Volkswagen Interior

With the global move towards greener vehicles, Volkswagen is wise to make a commitment to the future, especially in light of recent events. While competitors say an investments like this are too soon and too bold of a move, it will pay dividends in the future and put Volkswagen far ahead of competitors.

Interested in learning more about what the Volkswagen family is doing to help with the recent emissions settlement? Visit here for up-to-date national information, and/or give our dealership a call to get the latest local news.

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