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June 9th, 2016 by

Volkswagen e-Golf

Meet the mean, green, road driving machine – the Volkswagen e-Golf.

Volkswagen is known for its smaller vehicle sizes, which is typically the norm in Europe, and has based many of its designs on a vehicle to fit the smaller compact European standard. It has done quite well in the US too with many finding its European style alluring and practical. The past several years have seen a marked increase in a demand for more eco-friendly vehicles, and like several other auto companies, Volkswagen has answered the call. One of these new models, the 2016 e-Golf, drives solely on electric power alone.

Many new eco-friendly models are hybrids, using an electric battery to power the vehicle for some time before it runs out and switches over to gasoline. The e-Golf, however, is completely electric, with no gas tank. This means that the impact on the environment will be significantly reduced, with no tail pipe emissions of any sort. Many who desire eco-friendly vehicles will find such a match in this 2016 model.

The idea of a hybrid vehicle to some may seem risky or inconvenient and a fully electric vehicle even more frightening. These fears can be laid to rest with the developing infrastructure and technology that is carrying the electric vehicle to the future. The most significant improvement, as well as biggest concern, is the power and range of electric car batteries.

As time has gone on, the range of electric car batteries has only increased. With the e-Golf’s battery boasting a very impressive 83 miles per charge, drivers need not worry about local driving. Many people who would like to drive electric may also be concerned about keeping up with the battery level on their vehicle. This is also addressed, as the 2016 e-Golf is equipped with an App-Connect Control Center that keeps up with all aspects of the vehicle, and alerts you to any issues.

The App-Connect Control Center also connects to your smartphone, meaning you can also keep up with battery levels even when you are away from the vehicle. All of this information put in the palm of your hand ensures easy and relaxed driving for those who see the value in an eco-friendly car.

The whole family can be happy knowing they are making a difference in the environment when they choose the e-Golf. The 2016 e-Golf has set the bar for electric cars, and helped in continuing to pave the way for a more environmentally friendly future.

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